Animal Sculptures by Prize Winning Sculptress JOEL

Please explore this site for many examples of the work of the Sculptress JOEL Walker

Joel has been celebrating and commemorating the portrait sculpture and statues of many animals as well as people for more than twenty-six years.

You can find many examples of detailed bronzes as well as designs for large scale installations and features for the landscape.

Bronze Swift above the lavender garden

Horses, dogs, wild animals and birds - sculptures ready for presentation or commissions. 

You can be closely involved in the process or see the work before casting.

Recent years have seen the development of a lovely selection of bronze and polished steel birds - Sculpture celebrating birds and promoting nature conservation.

Popular Sculptures of People and Animals

Statues and Sculptures  for Exterior and Interior Spaces

Bronze Swift in Flight - Detailed figurative sculpture of this iconic bird.

Celebrating Nature and our relationship with the world - one recent example of work by the Sculptress JOEL.

Set in the landscape

Swift statue in Landscape


Joel has also been involved to make a Swift Conservation Award  the link shows the story of the design developments and the making of the first Swift Bronze.

Joyful Swallows

Making a beautiful wedding  and Anniversary Gift

Sky Blue Shine on Bronze Swallow by JOEL

Single Swallow Bronze as kinetic artwork above a bee friendly planter.

Below the dramatic Goldfinch Bronzes with Gold leaf applied by the artist.

Five Bronze Goldfinches in the garden by JOEL

Five Bronze Goldfinches in the garden, catching the morning light, selected for exhibition and helping visitors find a place of peace and inspiration.

This lovely bird has now been cast in Stainless Steel which gives the work a distinctive contemporary look and causes a changing and fascinating interplay with reflections, the viewer and the environment.

After addition of Gold Leaf to feature flashes on Goldfinch Wings the sculpture was selected for Exhibition at Marks Hall Gardens 2017  - now brings inspiration to new owner and brightens a dark spot in their garden.

Goldfinch Bright Sings

Celebrating Success

Here an example of the project to capture the likeness of the Horse Virtu for a Dressage Horse Award

Dressage Horse Trophy Bronze by JOELMaking of Dressage Horse Sculpture Virtu

Sculptress JOEL undertakes Commissions including Companion Animals in Bronze 


Collie Dog Statue by Sculptress JOEL

Above  the Bronze Statue of Collie Dog commissioned for the in the public domain

Below, various individual dog Life sized portrait sculptures Commissioned to JOEL

Sculpture portraits Collie dogs & Cocker Spaniel

Bronze Collie dog sculpture portraits,  Working Cocker Spaniel Statue

Cairn Terrier and Deerhound Sculpture by JOEL

Cairn Terrier Bronze, and Deer-hound life sized head sculpture.

Joel is famous for her detailed portraits of people and animals, where she not only achieves brilliant likeness, but also captures the special expression and life of the subject being celebrated.

Below the Portrait Sculpture of a favorite Labrador Dog -  Happy Birthday!

Birthday commission Labrador dog

Labrador Happy  Friend


Statue of a Pointer Dog

A commission to commemorate a much loved, unique dog companion

Statues of Dogs to life size

Bronze Dog Statue

Difference in the Detail of the Sculpture

Time in research and input from clients helps make the difference in the sculptor achieving fine detail and accuracy of form and line – to bring that sense of movement and making of the character and essence of individuals recreated in sculpture.

The Sculptress JOEL has over 25 years of experience as a professional sculptor and an earlier background in the study of animal form and behavior and human biology and anatomy.


Bronze Labrador Sculpture life size statue by JOEL

Great Loyalty

Limited Edition Numbers  and sculptures of different dog breeds are available - visit  Dog Sculpture by the Sculptress JOEL 

Commissioned by Private Individuals, Societies, Charities and Local Authorities the Sculptress JOEL works to make detail and sense of movement and strength and conformation - whether for a dog sculpture portrait, a statue of a horse, or the sculptures of wild animals and birds.

She has a range of limited edition bronze sculptures and statues available to buy from the GALLERY.

Follow the links to see more dog sculptures, horse sculptures and pony sculptures, and other statues and figurines of companion animals.

Bronze Sculptures of People by Sculptress JOEL

Sculptures of People

JOEL has also been commissioned to make portrait sculptures of men women and children and statues of people   including some famous names.

Statue of Lady Godiva by Sculptress JOEL

Close up of the Bronze statue of Lady Godiva by JOEL

One client requested a statue to celebrate William Shakespeare, and another commissioned the lovely design of a boy cradling a young lamb. A selection of these can be seen here, and some limited edition numbers may be available.

These sculptures can be scaled up to become statues for the garden and landscape, and designed to become a unique artwork for your project.

Catching The Wind

Sculptures of People by Sculptress JOEL

Bronze Bird Sculptures by the Sculptress JOEL

Sculptures of Wild Birds and other Wild Animal Sculptures

Animal sculpture - A Wren by JOEL

The Little Wren 

Owl Sculpture by Joel in Garden design

The Little Owl ! in a garden design setting.


JOEL has been commissioned to make sculptures of wild birds and animals for Nature  Conservation charities in the UK  including a handsome lost wax cast Bronze sculpture of Little Owl sitting on a post...with a lot of surprises in the ivy.

See more bird sculptures  including swans and kingfishers

Below Sculptures by JOEL and young fan

Young fan & lamb & Collie dog by JOEL

Life Sized Lamb Bronze and Collie Dog Statue - having a lot of attention

Sculptures in the Environment

Statues and sculptures by JOEL make lovely features for open spaces, public or private places, in gardens as well as  for homes and offices. Some are available from the GALLERY

Environmental statue of Dove by JOEL in garden

Turtle Dove Sculpture in Famous National Trust Garden

If you do not see the design you want, contact JOEL at the Tenon Studio for your own special sculpture